Episode 80

Published on:

3rd Dec 2021

Episode 80: Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Episode 80 features Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, which was on the market for decades before being spun off as a standalone brand and rocketing to popularity. Bottled in 750ml at 33% ABV, or 66 proof, it retails for about $15.

Enjoy this episode with a shot of Fireball - if you dare!

Fireball's official website: https://www.fireballwhisky.com/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1984 - Fireball is launched under the Dr. McGillicuddy's brand
  • 1989 - Sazerac buys 7 brands from Seagrams, including Dr. McGillicuddy's
  • 2007 - Fireball is rebranded as a standalone product and introduced to the USA
  • 2010 - A social media campaign and brand ambassador heavily promote Fireball
  • 2011 - Sales are only $1.9 Million US Dollars
  • 2013 - Sales hit $61 Million US Dollars
  • 2020 - About 6.3 million 9-liter equivalent cases are sold

Key Cocktails:

Fireball is for shooting.


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2020 Sales Figures

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