Episode 73

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8th Oct 2021

Episode 73: The Classic Laddie

Episode 73 features The Classic Laddie from Bruichladdich, a single malt Scotch Whisky. Bottled in 750ml at 50% ABV, or 100 proof, it retails for $60.

Enjoy this episode with a dram of The Classic Laddie!

Bruichladdich's official website: https://www.bruichladdich.com/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1881 - The distillery is founded
  • 1937 - A speculator buys the distillery and flips it
  • 1938 - The distillery is refurbished, but mothballed due to the war
  • 1989 - Mark Reynier first visits Bruichladdich
  • 1995 - The distillery is mothballed for 7 years
  • 2000 - Jim Beam Brands is the owner and agrees to sell Bruichladdich to Mark Reynier
  • 2010 - The Classic Laddie is introduced
  • 2012 - Rémy Cointreau buys Bruichladdich

Key Cocktails:

None! Drink this spirit neat! You may add a few drops of water if you so choose.


2013 Article in The New Yorker Magazine

ScotchWhisky.com Article on Bruichladdich

Wikipedia Article on Bruichladdich

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