Episode 66

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20th Aug 2021

Episode 66: Becherovka

Episode 66 features Becherovka, the most famous spirit from the Czech Republic. Bottled in 750ml at 38% ABV, or 76 proof, it retails for $22.

Enjoy this episode with some Becherovka neat.

Becherovka's official website: https://becherovka.com/en

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1794 -Josef Becher leases a stillhouse in his hometown of Karlovy Vary
  • 1805 - English physician Christian Frobrig gifts Josef Becher the recipe to a new liqueur
  • 1807 - Becher's English Bitters is first sold
  • 1838 - Jan Becher takes over the business, and Becher's English Bitters are first available in Paris
  • 1866 - The bespoke bottle is designed
  • 1867 - A new factory is constructed, today it's the visitor's center
  • 1900 - The brand wins a major award in Paris
  • 1907 - Centennial of the brand
  • 1922 - The product is first trademarked
  • 1948 - The communists nationalize Becher's Carlsbad Bitter liqueur and rename is Becherovka
  • 1997 - Becherovka is privatized again, with Pernod-Ricard from France assuming ownership
  • 2010 - A new factory is constructed

Key Cocktails:

Becherovka is usually consumed as a chilled shot or on the rocks, the the signature cocktail, the Beton is popular.


• 1 part Becherovka

• 2 parts Tonic Water

• Lemon Wedge as Garnish

Combine ingredients over ice in a collins or rocks glass and enjoy!


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