Episode 65

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13th Aug 2021

Episode 65: Cointreau

Episode 65 features Cointreau, the original* Triple Sec clear orange liqueur (*There's some debate as to who invented Triple Sec). Bottled in 375ml at 40% ABV, or 80 proof, it retails for $23.

Enjoy this episode with some Cointreau on the rocks, or mix it up in a Margarita.

Cointreau's official website: https://www.cointreau.com/us/en/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1849 - The distillery is founded by brothers Edouard-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau
  • 1875 - Edouard Cointreau, son of founder Edouard-Jean, takes over the company with his wife
  • 1875 - Most commonly mentioned year Cointreau Triple Sec was invented/launched
  • 1878 - Won an award at the World's Fair in Paris
  • 1885 - The iconic bottle is trademarked along with the name and recipe
  • 1889 - Another award is won at another World's Fair in Paris
  • 1899 - The first film product advertisement is produced by the Lumiere brothers for Cointreau and introduces the brand's mascot Perrot
  • 1903 - An advertising car featuring a large version of the Cointreau bottle in unveiled
  • 1923 - Cointreau inventor, Edouard Cointreau dies, his sons Louis and Andre take over
  • 1972 - A new distillery is opened
  • 1989 - Cointreau merges with Rémy Martin to form Rémy Cointreau
  • 2011 - Sixth generation family member, Alfred Cointreau, is named Brand Ambassador and Heritage Manager

Key Cocktails:

Cointreau was first mentioned in a cocktail book in 1913, and has been a key ingredient ever since.

Try Cointreau in a Margarita, Sidecar, Cosmopolitan - or any cocktail that calls for triple sec.


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