Episode 34

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4th Dec 2020

Episode 34: Kleiner Feigling

Episode 34 features a spirit that surprised me and brought me joy! Kleiner Feigling fig liqueur. Sold in small 20 ml bottles at 20% ABV or 40 Proof, they're meant for enjoying in social settings, and being sold in multipacks, you're encouraged to drink more than one.

Thanks to Niche Import Co. for providing the spirits for the tasting!

Enjoy this episode with a shot of Kleiner Feigling!

Kleiner Feigling's official website: https://www.kleinerfeigling.de/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1892 - Waldemar Behn, the producer of Kleiner Feigling is founded
  • 1992 - Kleiner Feigling is launched for the 100th anniversary of the Waldemar Behn company
  • 2013 - Brand extension through new flavors brings "Coco Biscuit" and other flavors to market

Key Cocktails:

Kleiner Feigling is a party shot! As such, you drink it straight from the bottle.

There is a recommended ritual to drinking it:

Tap the top on a table or the bar

Unscrew the cap and place it on the tip of your nose

Drink the shot down



Niche Import Co. the US Importer

Waldemar Behn's website

YouTube review by a native German speaker

E-commerce site with some detail on the spirit

Moodie Blog article from 2013

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