Episode 35

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11th Dec 2020

Episode 35: Monopolowa Vodka

Episode 35 features Vodka Monopolowa by J.A. Baczewski. A potato vodka, it's award winning and my go-to for unflavored vodkas. Available in all common commercially available sizes, for this episode I featured a 1 liter bottle that retails for $20. It's 40% ABV, or 80 proof.

Enjoy this episode with Monopolowa neat or on the rocks, mix it in a cocktail if you prefer!

Monopolowa has two official websites, depending upon if it's the parent brand of US vodka brand: https://monopolowa.com/en/ or http://monopolowa.at/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1782 - Original distillery is founded
  • 1810 - Leopold Maksymilian Baczewski opens a distillery on the outskirts of Lviv, in modern day Ukraine
  • 1834 - Coffey stills, or two column stills, are installed and produce superior products
  • 1856 - J√≥zef Adam (J.A.) Baczewski joins the family business and begins to upgrade and innovate, packaging export products in clear glass decanters
  • 1876 - J.A. Baczewski receives the honor of "Purveyor to the Imperial Royal Court" and display this and the Imperial Eagle Emblem on their bottles
  • 1911 - J.A. Baczewski dies, his sons Leopold and Henryk take over
  • 1920s - The business expands with new generations of Baczewski's joining the family business
  • 1930s - Baczewski products are available on two prestigious Polish transatlantic ocean lines
  • 1930s - Offices opened in Paris, Prague, and Vienna, and they begin using airplanes for routine deliveries
  • 1939 - Lviv distillery is bombed by the Germans during WWII
  • 1940 - Adam and Stefan Baczewski, current owners, are killed by the Soviets
  • Post WWII - Relative, Eduard Gessler acquires the J.A. Baczewski mark and merges it with his own distilling business to create Altvater Gessler - J.A. Baczewski
  • 1958 - Monopolowa is launched and introduced to the United States
  • 1980 - A US subsidiary is formed
  • 2011 - J.A. Baczewski products are imported to Poland, returning the famous products to their homeland

Key Cocktails:

It's unflavored vodka, so Monopolowa goes great with anything!

Try it neat, or on the rocks, but avoid freezing it.


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