Episode 117

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6th Oct 2023

Episode 117: Four Roses Bourbon

Episode 117 features Four Roses. Bottled in 750ml at 40% ABV, or 80 proof and it retails for about $25.

Enjoy this episode with a pour of Four Roses however you like.

Four Roses official website: https://www.fourrosesbourbon.com/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1860s - Paul Jones Sr. and Paul Jones Jr. get into the whiskey business in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1883 - Paul Jones Jr. moves to Louisville, Kentucky and builds his whiskey business there.
  • 1888 - The brand of Four Roses is founded with a legend of a southern belle and a corsage of four red roses.
  • 1894 - Paul Jones Jr. makes his nephews Lawrence Lavelle Jones and Saunders Paul equal partners in the Paul Jones Company.
  • 1895 - Paul Jones Jr. dies.
  • Circa 1910 - Lawrence buys his brother Saunders out of the business
  • 1922 - Lawrence buys the Frankfort Distilling Company during Prohibition and securing a rare license to sell whiskey for "Medicinal Purposes Only."
  • 1941 - Lawrence dies, leaving the company to heirs would almost immediately sell it.
  • 1943 - Seagrams headed by Samuel Bronfman purchases Four Roses and Frankfort Distilling Company for $42 million.
  • 1950s - Seagrams converts Four Roses to a blended whiskey for the US market, reserving straight bourbon versions for export markets.
  • 1990s - Master Distiller Jim Rutledge convinces Seagrams to bring the straight bourbon back to the USA, in Kentucky only.
  • 2001 - Seagrams goes bankrupt and the beverage alcohol brands are sold off. Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd., Four Roses' Japanese distributor buys the brand.
  • 2002 - Four Roses Straight Bourbon Whiskey is bak on US shelves.
  • 2015 - Brent Elliott is named Master Distiller and a $55 million expansion of the distillery begins.
  • 2019 - Distillery expansion is complete, doubling capacity to 130,000 barrels a year.

Key Cocktails:

Drink Four Roses as you like, it mixes well in any cocktail calling for bourbon.


Book: Four Roses - The Return of a Whiskey Legend by Al Young, copyright 2013

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