Episode 116

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15th Jun 2023

Episode 116: Herbsaint

Episode 116 features Herbsaint. Bottled in 750ml at 50% ABV, or 100 proof and it retails for about $31.

Enjoy this episode with an Herbsaint Frappe, or any cocktail that calls for absinthe.

Herbsaint doesn't have it's own website, so here's the Sazerac listing: https://www.sazerac.com/our-brands/sazerac-brands/herbsaint.html

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1914-18 - World War I and J. Marion Legendre 's friend Reginal P. Parker learns of pastis while stationed in Marseille, France
  • 1920-33 - Post war, during Prohibition, Legendre and Parker make pastis in New Orleans
  • 1933 - Legendre introduces Legendre Absinthe in December, immediately following the repeal of Prohibition
  • 1934 - The Federal government forces Legendre to drop Absinthe from the name, Herbsaint is chosen as the replacement
  • 1949 - Legendre sells the brand and business to Sazerac & Company
  • 1950 - Sazerac changes the formulation, packaging and proof
  • 2009 - For the brand's 75th anniversary, Sazerac recreates the original recipe and resurrects the historical packaging, creating Legendre Herbsaint Original

Key Cocktails:

The Sazerac Cocktail is most widely cited, but it only uses Herbsaint as a rinse. Select an absinthe based cocktail as a better use for Herbsaint.


Wayback Machine Archive Copy of The Virtual Absinthe Museum story of Herbsaint - This resource was invaluable in producing this episode

Wikipedia Article on Herbsaint

New Orleans Absinthe History

Imbibe Magazine Article Circa 2009

Alcademics.com Article on the 75th Anniversary Relaunch

Sazerac House Recipe for the Sazerac Cocktail, featuring Herbsaint

Barfaith.com Review

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