Episode 12

Published on:

26th Jun 2020

Episode 12: Lysholm Linie Aquavit

Episode 12 features Lysholm Linie Aquavit from Norway. It's a caraway flavored potato-based liquor bottled at 41.5% alcohol by volume, 83 proof.

Enjoy this episode with some Linie neat!

Linie's official website: https://linie.com/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1805 - Lysholm ships aquavit to the East Indies, nobody buys it
  • 1807 - Aquavit shipment returns to Norway, aged from the sea voyage
  • 1821 - Current recipe developed
  • 2103 - Over 2.5 million bottles produced that year
  • 2018/19 - The Linie Proof live stream of a shipment of maturing aquavit

Key Cocktail:

Linie isn't really meant for mixing.

You simply drink it neat as they do in Norway. However, the Linie website has a few recipes.


Euromaxx TV segment from 2013.

60 Second Linie TV ad for the US market

Adam Rogers' book: Proof, the Science of Booze

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