Episode 22

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4th Sep 2020

Episode 22: Pickle Flavored Vodka

Episode 22 features The World Famous Pickle Flavored Vodka. This clear, dill pickle scented and flavored vodka is made in Idaho, USA. At 30% ABV, or 60 proof, it's the first pickle flavored vodka available.

Enjoy this episode with a Caesar cocktail or Bloody Mary.

Pickle Vodka's official website: https://getpickledvodka.com/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 2017 / 18 - Founder Austin Chesser is inspired to make Pickle Vodka by seeing the popularity of pickle infused vodka at at Denver, Colorado bar
  • 2019 - The first batch of Pickle Vodka is produced
  • 2020- Available to ship to 26 US states

Key Cocktail:

Pickle Vodka is well suited for use in the Canadian cocktail the Bloody Caesar. It's also good as a shot.

The Bloody Caesar is a variation of the Bloody Mary, but features Clamato or clam juice and is usually spicier. Heres the recipe from Pickle's website:

Celery Salt of Montreal Steak Spice for Rim of Glass

2 - 3 Lime Wedges

3 oz. World Famous Pickle Vodka

6 oz. Clamato Juice

2 -3 Dashes of Worcestershire Sauce

2 - 3 Dashes of Tabasco

1/4 TSP Celery Salt or Montreal Steak Spice to Sprinkle on Top

Run a lime wedge across the top rim of your glass, then dunk the rim in celery salt or Montreal steak spice. Fill glass with ice.

Pour in World Famous Pickle Vodka with lime juice. Fill glass with Clamato juice.

Add Worcestershire sauce and tabasco and sprinkle with Montreal steak spice. Stir together.

Garnish with pickles, cheese, celery, olives, or whatever you desire


The Retro Room Lounge in Denver, Colorado

Wikipedia article on the Caesar cocktail

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